Learn how to best leverage social media to meet your needs

Deliver the right product to the right niche at the right time.

Corporations, small and medium businesses (SMBs), and non-profits can use our Marketing Consulting Services to determine the best marketing solutions and implement the right tools with our Product Development Services.

Social Niche Guru Marketing Mix


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Social Niche Guru Market Consulting

  1. Business Consulting
  2. Goto Market Campaign
  3. Delivery Services
  4. Social Network Reporting
  5. Community Management

Social Niche Guru Product Development

  1. Product management and green development
  2. Mobile Application Development
  3. Social Network Development
  4. Drupal website design and multi-platform integration
  5. Mobile and Micropayment integration
  6. Geo-location and personalization services
  7. Smart Push recommendation of content


 These solutions bring order to chaos for your business:

  1. Determine your revenue, customer acquasition, and brand identification goals
  2. Identify the right channels to access your niche markets
  3. Develop and implement the right strategic marketing plan
  4. Create the right tools
  5. Measure your results 

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Strengthen your professional reputation.

We provide our Personal Branding Service to help knowledgable individuals, senior managers, executive directors, or C-level executives like Chief Executive Officers gain the marketing traction their careers need.

Social Media Tools

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Personal Branding Service includes:

  1. Social Persona: Develop your personal brand
  2. Social Syndication: Write once, update everywhere
  3. Look and Feel: Create the right look and feelSelect Audience: Personalize your audience

While there are a large number of tools, the Personal Branding service will help you by:

  1. Gaining increased mentions on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, search engines, and traditional media mentions
  2. Finding the right balance of internet, email, traditional and social media marketing for you
  3. Focusing your investment in time and money to implement the right tools to meet your goals

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